About Us

Chelys was established in 2002. Our core business focuses on software development and supplying services in the Earth Observation sector, by providing processing stations for Earth Observation satellites.

We are specialized in satellite data management and real time satellite (raw) data processing, data quality control, image generation, projection and mosaics (composite satellite images).

Our main product, the Satellite Rapid Response System, is a multimission real-time data processing and quality control system that is able to simultaneously process data coming from several different missions. It can be used to process data from the following satellite instruments:

  • ALOS AVNIR-2 level0 (raw data) and level 1
  • ENVISAT – ASAR level0 (raw data) and level1
  • ENVISAT MERIS level0 (raw data), level1 and level2
  • ENVISAT MERIS level0 and level1 FAPAR/MGVI Processor for Monitoring Vegetation Cover
  • METOP/NOAAAVHRR3 level1b
  • SUOMI-NPPVIIRS level1b
  • TERRA and AQUA MODIS level1b
  • RADARSAT2SAR level1b

The SRRS system used by ESA, called MIRAVI, has been installed in all Envisat satellite acquisition stations and has been delivering thousands of images per month since June 2006, processing the Envisat/MERIS Full Resolution raw data as soon as they are acquired.

Our current areas of activity are:

  • software development
  • environmental acquisition and processing systems
  • data acquisition systems (ESA/DDS, Eumetsat/EUMETCAST)
  • image generation from raw data, orthorectification and mosaics

We also provide services such as:

  • a comprehensive maintenance and support program that provides operational support, software and hardware maintenance and enhancementsts
  • technical consultancy
  • feasibility, design and pre-phase studies
  • system prototyping