The modular architecture of the Satellite Rapid Response System makes it possible to use post-processing modules during data elaboration phases. SRRS is also able to interface with more complex systems in order to generate higher level products (mosaics, interferograms, etc.).

Mosaics generation is usually quite a long process that requires great processing power and enormous quantities of data. Thanks to the processing power of SRRS, Chelys has created an advanced system for automatically generating mosaics: MOSRI.

MOSRI is able to instantly access the entire archive of products processed by SRRS and, through a sophisticated workload distribution system, can generate mosaics very quickly.

MOSRI architecture has the same level of modularity as SRRS: every type of data is treated as an independent module. There are specific modules for generating the following types of Mosaics:

  • ASAR

The following is a link to the Mosaics section of Earth Snapshot in which it is possible to see some examples of mosaics generated by MOSRI.